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Candidatul care spune lucrurilor pe nume: „Sunt singurul care poate câștiga în turul doi în fața minidodonului Ceban”

Iulia Modiga 23 aprilie 2018 1.061


Deputatul de la București Constantin Codreanu, lansat în bătălia pentru fotoliul de primar al Chișinăului, consideră că este singurul candidat care poate câștiga în turul doi în fața socialistului Ion Ceban. Codreanu s-a prezentat electoratului printr-o listă de 10 puncte, după cum obișnuia în toate postările-manifest de pe rețelele de socializare și bloguri.

„Sunt tânăr, energic, onest, pozitiv și pus pe muncă în serviciul oamenilor. Sunt singurul candidat care poate câștiga în turul doi în fața minidodonului Ceban, ca să-i împiedicăm pe socialiști să pună mâna pe Chișinău. Orașul nostru merită o perspectivă de dezvoltare și modernizare”, a scris candidatul pe contul său de Facebook.

„Voi fi primarul care să unească și care să muncească pentru toți locuitorii municipiului Chișinău. Vă rog să mă ajutați să fac același lucru pe care l-am făcut în Parlament: unionismul faptelor bazat pe soluții concrete oferite cetățenilor”, a cerut Codreanu.

Candidatul PUN, susținut și de PMP din România, a lansat și o platformă online de campanie. Este vorba despre  www.codreanuprimar.md.

Alegerile locale anticipate vor avea loc pe data de 20 mai.

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  1. unknown 23 aprilie 2018 at 10:11 - Reply

    Identitate vs. deznaționalizare, adevăr vs.minciună, istoria noastră vs. istoria sovietică, occident vs. orient, libertate vs. ocupație, democrație vs. autoritarism, știință vs. îndoctrinare, patriotism vs. trădare…
    Pe scurt: românism vs. moldovenism.

    • Tibbie 27 aprilie 2018 at 09:16 - Reply

      I have been so belwidered in the past but now it all makes sense!

    • auto insurance quotes Desoto TX 28 aprilie 2018 at 04:57 - Reply

      OK…Hi! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading through your articles. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects? Thanks a ton!…

    • best car insurance in Quincy MA 28 aprilie 2018 at 06:04 - Reply

      I think up till now we've all been operating under condition 'Orange' and now it's gone to 'Red'. When Congress reconvenes next year I look for the situation to go to condition 'Black'. (No pun intended!)…All The Best,Frank W. James

    • cheap car insurance quotes Erie PA 28 aprilie 2018 at 06:06 - Reply

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    • Yes, Yes, Yes!! Tell Em TC. Wayne ain’t shit. Creep only makes mixtapes cause he knows when it comes to albums he has nothing to talk about. This nigga talking about he wants to be remembered like Bob Marley. BOB MARLEY!! Marley was a true activist & spoke wisdom with his lyrics. If Im wrong, im wrong…fuck yall

    • That is great news! As a newlywed who also works with my husband and want to have a family soon I have been thinking about the same work-life balance issue that is to come. your stories and honesty do help. thank you! and congrats on the new job and more time with your babe.

    • low income car insurance Bellingham WA 28 aprilie 2018 at 09:06 - Reply

      Parabéns Coronel:Eu não concordo com tudo que este blog publica, mas não deixo de acessá-lo pelo menos três vezes ao dia, é como um remédio para controlar a hipertensão e, sem dúvida, tem contribuído para o debate democrático.

    • auto acceptance insurance Beloit WI 28 aprilie 2018 at 09:12 - Reply

      Congratulations to Pakistan for reaching the Final tonight.And they should thank BCCI, Lalit Modi and the Indian Govt for keeping the entire Pakistan team out of IPL.No injuries. And no tiredness.I sincerely hope that Pakistan go all the way.Then Modi and co would want a 3 match series –Pakistan vs IPL XI !!!!!!!

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      I consider myself to be sexually open but no I would not even want to go there! I believe any man who likes to take it in the bum is not interested in women. If you’re uncomfortable with it then don’t do it. Sometimes fantasies are better left as that!

    • car insurance quotes Oxnard CA 28 aprilie 2018 at 09:51 - Reply

      Mirele, tata, ce e de preferat: sa ai dreptate ca vine trenul si te face terci cand tu esti la mijlocul tunelului, sau sa mananci cacat ca ai loc sa scapi in spatiul dintre sine si perete?

    • Rob, I found that a lemon juice rinse worked on the glue in my daughter's hair (but be careful not to get it in her eyes). It was a pain though. We followed the wash with Mane & Tail (which is a leave-in conditioner and a very, very good detangler.) If you can't get your hands on the hospital stuff, you could try our method.

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      Since I became sick I have only been to London once and was put off it so much I've never been back. I too ended up in the road after using a supposed drop kerb. Luckily I only hurt and don't dislocate. Still, I hate not being able to get around a city I always loved.

    • When we first went onto Ebay, I used to say to Duncan, 'how much will I bid' and he would always ALWAYS yell 50p. I would always say, don't be silly, you don't get anything for 50p these days. But YOU do lol Well done.Vxxx

    • cheap sr22 insurance New York City NY 28 aprilie 2018 at 12:29 - Reply

      Looking back on my own childhood, I can say that I can answer 'yes' to pretty much every question above when looking back at how my sisters and I were raised by my parents.They were tough on us, but years later I find that we now have the right habits and mindset to be successful in nearly everything we do, and a lot of it had to do with the very things you talk about.

    • car insurance quotes Bangor ME 28 aprilie 2018 at 13:16 - Reply

      E' una genialàta !!! Era da tempo che cercavo un modo x rendere romantica un'abat-jour che ho in camera da letto……c'è poco da fare, hai 1 marcia in più !!!(E chi ci pensava, ad infilarla in 1 slip ?!?)Lo faccio anch'io, grazie !!!Smack*Maddy

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    • cheap non owners insurance Grapevine TX 28 aprilie 2018 at 17:04 - Reply

      crushing. that’s all I can say. EVERYTHING taken away in a second. I don’t know what I would come home to (literally) and what grace would be needed to carry on…Grace, Father, much grace for him… 🙁

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    • iti imaginezi ce se luptau aia pe vremea crinolinelor de-aia si romanii au inventat orgiile, ca pana o convingeai pe una sa se dezbrace, pana o abureai cu dictoane in latina … mai repede urca Cesar la tribuna le gaba un dicton pentru tot amfiteatrul, se udau toate ad-hoc, le cadeau togile si gata

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    • It's an honest question, elrond.I notice you haven't weighed in yet. Perhaps you didn't see it…Do you think a woman impregnated by a rapist should be prosecuted for having an abortion?I can answer this. You can't.

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    • I’ll tell you what… If I were teaching at that school, I think I’d have to incorporate the “positive talk” into my classroom rules and lesson plans. I can just hear the students now… “Oh Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories are just so splendid! May we please read another? Please?”

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      I always make small cucumber sandwiches…buy a loaf of small dark rye bread, you know the the little ones? Then spread a piece with creem cheese add a slice of cucumber and garnish with a little salt and dill!

    • cheap non owners insurance in Hopkins MN 30 aprilie 2018 at 02:04 - Reply

      Good luck with getting into classes! It seems like you're quite organised, so I'm sure you'll manage to get in!Oh and I love picking out school supplies, it makes me feel like I'm a great student haha.

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      Maybe they’ll beat each other to death. That would be two more freaks about whom I need no longer receive more information than I want.Sorry – I have no sympathy for „artists” who „burn the candle at both ends for the benefit of the audience.” By romanticizing their behavior as something that enhances or complements their „art,” we encourage others to act stupid and die young. Me, I can’t do it. It’s not about us – it’s about them and their egos. Janice, Jimmy, the Singing Nun – take your pick. Dead losers.

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      Hallo, ihr könnt das Buch”Hütet die Herde Gottes” selbst herunterladen und dann für euch ausdrucken.Ich habe mich nur gewundert, was Religion alles mit Menschen tun kann.Man muß hineinschauen, dann schlackern einem die Ohren.

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      she has been too busy, it’s only fair, as she has got a busy life of her own……..I reckon alls we can do is hope that she enjoys her work enough to share a little bit of her time with us………….I’ve got my fingers crossed anyway …………………… Tony MrT

    • Буду брать, наверное, в базовой комплектации. Не вижу смысла переплачивать. Как по мне — недостаток тут всего один, но существенный, запоздалая реакция на педаль газа. Иногда это важно.

    • Heya i’m for the first time here. I found this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you aided me.

    • car insurance in Pawtucket RI 1 mai 2018 at 04:37 - Reply

      I too have heard rumors that Shadegg is thinking of retiring. He recently gave back $10,000 that he illegally funneled to his campaign through his PAC, and is about to be investigated by the FEC. Combine that with his term limit pledge, and the fact that McCain’s soon-to-be-open seat is looking mighty nice…and I strongly suspect that Shadegg is going to call it quits in Arizona-3.

    • Thanks Martha,It’s a good point. We didn’t explicitly model time so it may be that all those islands will eventually homogenize more and show turnover patterns similar to the mainland. However, a lot of the islands and island blocks are 10s of millions of years old – as old as the Anolis radiation itself. So it seems that time shouldn’t play a big role here.And, time cuts both ways – with less time, you have less opportunity for anagenetic speciation so you’d get less turnover.

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    • car insurance rates Mission TX 1 mai 2018 at 13:56 - Reply

      Yes, I agree that is the major difference between the parties.the Democrats want more people on Welfare so Government can control them. The Republicans want more people “on the job” so they can control the government.

    • 0  1 (-1)JajajajaViva la madureza….No es como son pocos que se jodan, eso seria un poco de fascismo….En todo caso es lo que piensa la mayoria…piensalo bien antes de responder tonterias….Pues si, inmigracion andaluza….admitelo….y yo soy hijo de inmigrantes andaluces, y es lo que hay…pero ante todo soy catalan, asi que…..Y si no me quieres ni ver, tu te lo pierdes, perdedor,…jajaja..posiblemente te llevarias una srpresa…Anda majo, que te la pique un escarabajo…

    • Bonsoir Nadji. Es una maravilla ver como los preparas y observar el resultado final. Sin duda estos brioches deben estar deliciosos. Un corte muy esponjoso que indica lo ricos que deben estar.A bientôt

    • I probably wont see anyone since I likely will not leave the house today, but in my heart I thank each and everyone of them for ALL they did and do for us. We owe them so much, but all I have are my thanks.

    • Well, girlfriend…I KNOW I am guilty of SEVERAL of those….especially the overused exclaimation points!!!! KNOW what I mean???I had to laugh though when I read them Love you!Angies last blog post..

    • Focusing on becoming a better person, fixing our flaws, becoming less controlled by emotional reactions, figuring out what makes us happy, contributing to the world around you and so on.This, I would present, is an alternative to some arbitrary lifestyle choice like veganism or a paleothithic diet that diverts your attention completely to the physical parts of your body.

    • Chère Francine,C'est beau la "nostalgie" quand l'Histoire est si riche et rebondissante : le bateau ivre,sombrant;le thé conservé dans ces jarres hermétiques au fond de l'eau ETCTa galette s'en trouve ainsi magnifiée : c'est chouette de se raconter ces Story ,la liqueur est ainsi re – dorée PREND CORPS comme sur tes photos. Content de voir que ton année débute en fanfare ! . PHILIPPE .

    • Amir می‌گه:سلم من الان حدود Û³ هفته است در گیرم که اکانت بسآزم تمام او کارآیی رو که هم گفته بودین انجام دادم ولی نمی شه بازم میگه تماس با پشتیبانی اگه امکان داره واسه منم اکانت بسآزین ممنون خواهشن []

    • Just heard Ms prez elect has decided that because she had to give up her little job in the city of honor she wants the american people to pay her to be the ms baby mamma???wtf

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    • johnny d on Tyler was/is great. One would think that any band contract would have contingencies for rehab, or other such stuff! They’re rockers FGS! And as for him going to try out for Zeppelin….. beyond belief that they thought he might be a fit.

    • enormous hug*Absolutely I will be praying and thinking of you. Call me whenever you might need my ear. You can wake me up at any hour if you need to. I mean that. Okay?<3

    • Not that I think the outcome of the election is much in doubt, but I come to sites like yours because I’m tired of politics and would like to read about my other great love — food.Please, Michael, leave the politics aside here.

    • Quemar después de leer, séase Burn after reading, después de darnos su visión de un asesino en No es país para viejos (les valió Oscars a la Mejor Película, Dirección, Guión

    • De er sindsygt flotte! Jeg er helt betaget af dem. BÃ¥de de hængende og de stÃ¥ende. Og sÃ¥ mÃ¥ jeg vist hellere sige i lige mÃ¥de mht. flot blog 😉 Det er sÃ¥ dejligt at falde over en (for mig) ny blog – jeg glæder mig til at læse med fremover 🙂

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    • I’m new to sewing, but this sounds like a lot of fun. I would prefer not to ship internationally (I’m in the US)…but if there is no one else, then just let me know. Thanks!

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    • auto insurance Vacaville CA 3 mai 2018 at 03:31 - Reply

      I sooo remember Richard Scarry’s Busytown from when I was a kid. My own kids loved his artwork, too. Oh, that is so neat that your daughter sees you in that role and announces it with such pride. I don’t blame you one bit for wanting to re-read that book just to hear her support and faith. Thanks for swinging by.

    • Interesting, what can they use off mode a/c to bill you? I’d have thought they’re simply going by the paperwork the Europeans have to file before they fly. With mode s, there’s no need to file a flight plan or request to fly to be able ID you.

    • elrod I'm still amazed at how close the race is in PA. I think Fineman is right and Democrats just want to end this. The demographics are too strong for Hillary in PA. You see Obama's support among white men, who once supported Hillary softly but now like Obama. These voters might have stuck with Hillary if it were earlier in the season. But a combination of Bob Casey's endorsement and a change in Obama's tone has made these voters comfortable with consolidating behind Obama.

    • There are four things. Well, there’s WAY more than four, but these are the four important ones: 1) Lovely Black Dress, 2) Bouquet of Red Roses, 3) Romantic Picnic Basket, and 4)… Broken Chastity Belt.>.>What can I say? I’m a romantic.

    • I don’t hear of any problems with banks or credit unions or thrifts in my region. It seems the problems are concentrated in some really, really smart (snorf!) big boys like Countrywide, Citigroup, Merrill et. al.Without the interwebs I likely wouldn’t know any of this was happening.

    • cheapest auto insurance Bowie MD 3 mai 2018 at 08:34 - Reply

      Cheers to recharging. We all need to relax and recharge from time to time. It is so good to hear that I am not the only one who feels the need to step back briefly, to get my bearings in the world sans screens for some time before returning here. Breathing is good. And not illegal. I checked I hope that you too enjoy your break (if you do take one). I look forward to comparing notes on how it was for each of us to press pause.

    • Flynn, This theme is wonderful and made my site so easy to get up and running! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this! I donated and everytime I customize something that is so easy, I would gladly do it again.

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    • Haha!! Torres is on a roll here with his profound and compelling arguments! “It just doesn’t work”“They are still doing badly”“its what you are leaving out”And my favorite: “I have nothing further to point out”Indeed you don’t. My work here is done.

    • Das Dumme ist nur: Bio-Solar-Haus hat sowohl den Druck bereits mehrfach geprüft und für in Ordnung befunden, als auch die Solaranlage mehrfach gespült. Da bei uns die Leistung Teil des Werksvertrags mit BSH ist, können/wollen wir da nicht selbstständig eingreifen (u.a. wg. Gewährleistungsverlust). Eine ähnliche Vermutung hat allerdings auch unser Baubegleiter. ´Mal sehen, was daraus wird.

    • Sztuka dla sztuki. Ot, co. Czy ktoÅ› kiedyÅ› bÄ™dzie miaÅ‚ odwagÄ™ powiedzieć Eugeniuszowi, że jest grafomanem? Tu faktycznie jest tyle zachwytu i miÅ‚oÅ›ci – ale dla grona z Kólka Wzajemnej Adoracji … Ale w sumie niech siÄ™ gÅ‚aszczÄ… – nikt na to nie ma wpÅ‚ywu, a im miÅ‚o

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    • NorthCarolinaGirl-Marylee / Hi David: Been thinking about you lately & wondering how you’ve been ♥ I’m so thrilled with your song choices for this wonderful CD you’ve put together for us. August 7th can’t come soon enough for me…counting the days! THANK YOU & take good care of yourself..you are loved! Marylee_DA2014 aka Marylee_DAangel

    • Your an idiot. It doesn’t mean shit if you have a tattoo, it doesn’t make you an expert or give you the right to state what a good or bad tattoo is. Tattoo artists must be able to draw/sketch, if they can do that they are more then likely a good tattoo artist, and they must also understand different skin types in order to know how to treat the skin while tattooing it. Also learn to spell buddy.

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      films were MUCH better than “Avatar”to continue to moan about phantom reasons to hate SW: Episodes 1-3 is like looking for phantom reasons to hate Sarah PalinC’mon on man..

    • Typo for limb read limp!! ( hehehehehe just seen a pun there!!) ;D Be well and happy and make sure you have an arm to lean on all day at the up coming wedding day!! XXXX

    • Hi Maisey. I just finished reading “One Night in Paradise”. That was awesome and you have added one more devoted fan to your long list. And thanks a bunch for this super conflict exercise. Planning to visit very often to check on more such awesome tips.AditePS: Just to let you know, the link to the transcript doesn’t load.

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    • Sorry folks but it was neither M nor Q who ‘doled out’ the gadgets to 007 in LALD. Rather the honour goes to sweet old Miss Moneypennny (we miss you Lois Maxwell) who handed Bond his wristwatch that does more than telling time.

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      Hello Lover, The folks on the central Coast of NSW Australia send thier well wishes for your time in the old country. Hope you can make it Down Under agin some time soon. Lotsa love n light n peace n stupid funny stuff to help you gigle yourself to sleep at night. Mr Mouse. (Creator of the Best Intro in the World) x

    • Leftwing:What’s the break even on 10% down? I too ran the numbers but a 10% down traditional is still very doable today if you have the good credit score and assets to back it up.

    • Dreambes, je veux pas te manquer de respect, ou te paraitre condescendant, mais franchement, pourquoi tu l’ouvre? Cette album, Wars of the roses, est plein de bonnes idées, mais c’est vrai, la piste Providence avec ses coeurs c’est mauvais et pas à sa place…et l album dans l ensemble laisse une impression de "j ai raté le c…

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      Penny – help – I have really really enjoyed my cutting garden this august, but there is one plant that I particularly like that I can’t identify. Either it came in the lucky dip, or I didn’t label very efficiently! Can you help? Do you have an email address? If so, I could mail you a pic. Hope so. Cass

    • Too funny! I used to read you all the time on yahoo, and now its so hard to find there, so I bookmarked this site! Would start a fan club, but I read you at work, and don’t want the boss to know….DeniseOklahoma

    • I remember you posting that quote (and some other Brian Tracy links) before, and I just love it. I used to have it written down in my day planner. MUST write in again!

    • So cool Christmas in July I wish I could do that and I already have all the books pink,purple,yellow,and blue I already finshed the pink,purple,and yellow I got the pink from Christmas purple from my dad because I got good grades and yellow ,blue for my birthday july32001.

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    • In risposta a Giuliano, scaricando la 2.0 in inglese poi dovrai scaricare nuovamente quella in italiano. Tutta.Attualmente in italiano abbiamo una Release Candidate, la rc3 per l’esattezza. Io lavoro tranqullamente con la precedente rc2 senza problemi. Anche in questo caso dovrai ripetere pero’ il download completo della versione definitiva.Non esistono aggiornamenti se non nel riutilizzo delle impostazioni (nome utente, directory predefinite, valuta…).Comunque la versione in italiano dovrebbe essere disponibile tra pochissimi giorni, se non ore.

    • I really like the podcasts, and I don’t mean to be rude, but I suggest doing less “doubles.” I find it very distracting for a home listening mixAnyway, just a suggestion.

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      Another thing missing is that for you WordPress blog you can’t use a post or page template with it… I have save several templates for my WordPress blog, but when I add a new page with WLW (which is pretty nice in total and I like it better than the awkward WordPress editing screen), I have no way of selecting my template. Hopefully they add it soon or somebody is nice enough to create a plug-in…. otherwise I like WLW a lot.

    • We'll never know about who teaches best because there is no competition for teachers or schools. But one can guess based on the results of other affirmative action hires, like POTUS. We finally moved our son to a private school. Thankfully there is competition in my industry so I can run a successful business and pay the tuition.

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      Nice post Grace.Like most folks I do love to see what everyone else gets up to in their Moleskines. The follow-up post on sketching sounds good too, will contribute to that if you’re interested – my Moleskines are mainly for notes, I have much better sketches elsewhere.Cheers.

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    • Actually Vanessa…I ended up recording this digitally. I tried doing it by tape…it sounded horrible. So I figured….he’s just gonna transfer it to digital anyways..so I bought a nice little Tascam recorder and did it on that. And yes..it was all vinyl.Thanks for the love guys! Take care

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      I cant watch videos on the Youtube site now, too. :-(Tried other browser, deleted cookies, reinstalled flash player. No use.Embed in other sides its working, like the video on the front page up right.

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      skriver:Yesterday, while I was at work, my cousin stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a forty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is totally off topic but I had to share it with someone!

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      Maybe some day, or perhaps online, they’ll put up some unedited footage!It’s kind of amazing when you think about how much time and energy are invested in any 30 minute show.

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      pl, I wasn’t implying a James Bondesque type mission, although you’re right, it would take a certain level of intel, and lives would be risked. It just seems to me that is a much more proportional response than what is happening.Thanks for the heads up on the WSJ piece.

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    • good post, but your confusing national debt with collective personal debt. The national debt has little to do with house prices and your credit cards. Also debt as a percentage of GDP might be a better way to compare debt loads of countries.

    • Tengo un renault 6 modelo 1978 muy achacado y me gustaria arreglarlo pero no cuento con los medios economicos para hacerlo, mi pregunta es ustedes tienen forma de ayudarme? espero su respuesta en el correo mencionadogracias seria un privilegio

    • I am envious of people outside of Asia who get a different formulation for the Lancome Rouge In Love! What we got here in SG is the Japanese formulation so the colours are sheerer. 🙁 I was soooo looking forward to swatching Rose Boudoir in its creamy opaque goodness!

    • They have to be looking at how much more it would cost the US if there is another 9/11 type of event…if the US pulls out of Afghanistan. Think it is going to be a long haul and lots of money going to Afghanistan for years to come

    • Ambler Faut quand meme bien admettre que depuis 30 ans 2 partis se partagent le pouvoir, des regions à l’Elysées et que les francais se plaignent tout le temps qu’ils sont tous pourris, tous les mêmes et sur les 55% qui ont voté Sarko-royal en 2007, je pense pas que il n’y avait que des militants PS ou UMP et que beaucoup ont le vote volatile d’une election à l’autre ! Pourquoi toujours voté PS ou UMP quand on connait le bilan depuis 30 ans de pouvoir sans partage !

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    • OH. MY. GOODNESS! If you get sick of the peas before the summer is out, you can send a bunch my way! I’m so jealous of your pear tree. There’s nothing like a fresh, juicy pear right off the tree. MmmmMmmm!

    • At first, I thought this is some kind of dessert. Oh now I see! This looks like chewy 'ju chang fun'. Really interesting! I would love to have this with the red sweet sauce 'tian jiang'. mmm..mmm….

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    • Rafa, entradas como esa demuestran lo que la gente (sobre todo joven) busca en la entrada que colgué con las palabras de Llamazares y que tanto éxito ha tenido, porque demuestra en los hechos lo que Llamazares anunció… Y se ve la coherencia. Vamos a ver cuanto tiempo seguimos sin tropezar! Un abrazo, salud y República!

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    • Actually I think I am the most boring blogger ever right now. So boring that I can't even muster up a post to bore my readers with. That also might make me the worst blogger. All well.

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      We’ll start calling you “Michelangelo” you have certainly earned it my friend! I’m taking the man-child skiing in Utah in two weeks! He has really grown. Looks like he could be in that legion of superheroes drawing. He’s going into driver’s ed in 2 months( heaven help us!)

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    • SJGR I agree with you, I think I will tell him if he asks me. I would feel really bad if I lied to him about it.Besides, I really want to take that ziplock bag with the frozen hamster out of my freezer (yuck!)

    • che strani cortocircuiti: dei buzzurri che guardano ululando i militari del film che ululano gasati mentre guardano apocalypse now.a me comunque è piaciuto.

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    • Caro Fabio, quando escrevi verdade inquestionável, me referi especificamente , mesmo que subentendido, à presença de naves alienígenas na Terra. Se uma delas pousar, for claramente fotografada e filmada em alta definição (os ufólogos odeiam HD – High Definition) isto será uma verdade inquestionável e não deixará espaço para polêmicas. Quanto mais polêmica, mais distante da verdade (específica) estamos. A polêmica é um forte indicio de falta de conhecimento ou de excesso de interesse.

    • Une recherche rapide sur le net permet de dire que … Ce n’est pas un Yaoi !Comme c’est marqué plus haut, c’est une adaptation donc il suffit d’aller voir le genre du manga ..Et comme le dis très bien Rogdal il n’y a aucune scènes d’amour ou autre dans ce trailer !Enfin moi je trouve le trailer assez magnifique, une animation comme je les aimes, des persos aux pouvoirs assez intéressant ! J’attends ça de pied ferme !

    • Hej Julia. Mange gange tillykke med din/jeres dejlige pige. Hvor er hun bare SØD. Hun ser sÃ¥ dejlig rolig ud, der hun ligger med sin strikkede hue pÃ¥. En rigtig prinsesse. Jeg har selv to drenge med 15 mdr mellemrum, som er de bedste venner i verden. De passer altid pÃ¥ hinanden og elsker at lege sammen. Hvor langt er der mellem dine piger? I har en meget god og hyggelig tid i vente som en familie pÃ¥ 4 🙂

    • Hei SmeraI haven’t seen the XPS 14Z live yet, so i can’t say much about it. For what you wnat, you’re probably better with a 13.3 incher, that’s going to be lighter and maybe cheaper. As for SSD, well, that makes the whole laptop snappier during daily use but it’s also expensive. Not to mention that when you buy a 128 GB ssd and put windows on it, you’re only left with about 80ish GB to use for content, which will run out very fast.

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      Hallo Marcel,Bedankt voor je reactie!Ik heb voor deze serie uitsluitend daglicht gebruikt. Het zijn wel zogenaamde HDR opnames (samengesteld uit vijf verschillende belichtingen) en ik het na-verscherpt in photoshop met het filter “slim verscherpen”.hartelijke groet,Erik

    • Angela…you absolutely crack me up!! I was laughing so hard at the snot comment I almost choked! I think your tutorial here is one of the best I’ve seen yet and I’ve been so hating the price of laundry soap in the stores. I am always asking, “Why on earth does it have to cost that much money?!?!?!” Mostly because I know it probably costs them less than a nickle per load to make and we are paying through the nose (now that is snot for ya. Where’s my hankie?). I am definitely going to give your recipe a try and thank you for the HE machine instrux.

    • online kredit 8 mai 2018 at 02:41 - Reply

      – Magari avessimo qualcosa di Sarcò e Carla (solo in termini di denaro e potere,sia chiaro!). Però Mastella no, mi rifiuto! P.S. Grazie per le cose che hai detto Angie… Mi faccio rossa!

    • To your first point, it’s worth noting that one of the easiest things to do when you start dieting (or, i suppose, more appropriately, “watching what you eat”) is to stop wearing sweatpants, pants with elastic waists and to start wearing a belt. For exactly what you’re saying- an external tool to tell the body, “hey, you’ve had enough.”

    • Gretchen, this post was amazing. It was so authentic. I have also been doing the 21 day Meditation challenge. Great work and I know you are on a very good path, a very, very long, good path! Thanks for sharing!

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      wow, this look fab! it's on my to do list to learn crochet this year & this looks like a perfect start – although sad to see that currently on Amazon it's not available 🙁 but signed up to be notified 🙂 Thank you! x

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    • that the rushing around, noise and anxiety levels of our first three years of life give our brains the template of ‘normal’ stress, and we keep trying to recreate that same level throughout our lives. Perhaps, the stress levels of life accelerating over the past few generations can be explained this way. But I do wonder about the human cost.

    • I know! I was shocked that Chloe was kissing the llama! What the crap!!? Perhaps! I’m always out of backups so I actually get to play!She does! She absolutely does! Horrible! But it’s interesting that’s for sure!Thank you! I was glad to delve back into them!


    • É uma favor que fazem para nós telespectadores;nao querendo puxar o saco mas vibrei quando vi o Direitos de Resposta no ar,achei até que o canal estivesse na Tv cultura…Ele só apresentava baixaria e tudo era comprado,seria um absurdo se Gilberto Gil apoia-lo.

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      Read your contract. In the UK it is the owner's responsibility to maintain the drainage system, not the plumber. . The plumber installed the toilet. Probably threw and it was ok. Of course, a blockage may have been present and was a backup, but not shown below. The overflow device is not actually approved water authority, as you will get water waste. But that's another story.

    • Should a food writer voice non-food-related political opinions the way other non-food people do… why not? I want to know what motivates and inspires people who have the spotlight about money management and food. I will not let a financial planner who is a tea-party devotée manage my money. Likewise, I would not listen to a food aficionado who does not question the politics of big ‘farma’. I want to be an informed consumer. Post away Michael!

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      Your pancakes look delicious. I want to reach through and snack on one right now. Your pictures are just gorgeous on this post too. I’ve never made a homemade hoisin sauce before, but I like all of the ingredients used in it. I’ll make sure to refer back to this one!

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      P.S. Don't you usually consider government an engineering problem? Isn't it a major design flaw if your system of government fails as soon as "swine" get into power?

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    • my 1st day of skool errbody wanted 2kno wea i got dese shoes im lyke i anit tellin ya cuz u gota b da fresh princess!! ya digznd yea u knoi had haterz

    • I didn’t think you were being disrespectful, just looking for information that will help you validate your beliefs. I can assure you that a visit with Stan would not disappoint. You won’t see ETs walking around the house, but you would probably experience some high strangeness. Stick with us and I know you won’t be disappointed.

    • EFB: Yeah, for sure, but I do love me some hummus. My only complaint is that it comes with a slice of ciabatta instead of some warm pita, which would be nice to scoop up all of the other salads!

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      Boah Barbara,ich bin restlos begeistert!!! Blau ist eine meiner Lieblingsfarben 😉 und das Motiv paßt so perfekt… Hach, ich bin ganz verliebt!Ein schönes Wochenende wünscht dir Sonny

    • First, find where the smell is coming from. Then, go to your local pet store, and find a oder control product. You can also use warm water and vinegar to help the smell go away, but if it is super strong, you might need a different product. Good luck! Was this answer helpful?

    • Hola Mariale… pues te leo y me veo con mi amigo… Aún no recuerdo cómo comenzó nuestra amistad, pero bastante bien que nos conocemos sin necesidad de tener algo más alla de la hermandad… Sabio recordarle que siempre estan allí el uno para el otro…Besos…

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    • Even though it is a repeated concept it think it is still nicely done. The first images gave the impression of a cave like shop but then i saw the other pictures where the cave construction is just dotted spaces where the external is square(?). To my view it lost its charm.

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    • Yeek. If I knew I had that bill coming, I’d probably shoot into the doc for a quick heart check-up (you have to prepare the ‘ol ticker for any value over the triple digits). LOL! I’m just kidding. I’m sure you’ll get rid of the debt, one chunk at a time. We splurged over the last month, too, so just hang in there, good buddy. We’ll pull through this together!

    • Bryan S.,"Is it wrong to want one just to want it?"That is a… no, the completely legitimate reason to want one. (It's only when people start to offer rationalizations that I feel like an intervention is needed. 😉 )

    • Well its better then the version I heard yesterday. This is a song that will hopefully grow on people. I dont know how to use itunes. I just listen to cds. I’m not saying anything negative because the first time I heard Believe i was disapointed. I loved One By One and thought Believe didnt compare. Boy was I wrong. I hope this is a hit for Cher. She really needs and deserves itVA:F [1.9.20_1166]please wait…(1 vote cast)VA:F [1.9.20_1166](from 1 vote)

    • SÃ¥ fin globus! Er selv pÃ¥ jakt etter den rette globusen til storebror sitt rom, men har ikke funnet den enda :)Marit

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    • He hit a bit close to home on this, so I had to do something. I hear the logic behind not talking about him, but it’s like watching a train wreck in slomo. You just can’t turn away. He is a perfect example of the fail of the MSM. It’s sad and educational.

    • Hi, I think your blog might be having browser compatibility issues. When I look at your blog in Opera, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that, awesome blog!

    • שאני באמת אתחיל?(למען ההגינות, רוב הסיכוים שאת ואני חושבים על הגדרה שונה לחנון, בהקשר של dork, nerd, וgeek…)בנוגע לripp off – שני הקומיקסים התחילו ב2006, ומעיון בסטריפים הראשונים של ה"מעתיק" אפשר לראות שהוא ניסה לכוון לאומנות קצה שונה (קראי – ילדותית).כמובן שרוב הסיכוים שאת צודקת, כהרגלך, אבל היי – למה להתנגד על עוד קומיקס על קוסינוסים?

    • mala aasa mhanaychay hobby aasli tari tumacha likhan chan aahe ….mala sangaycha hota ki ” kon shreshta or winner he tya vyakti cha kartutvach taravtamag kalapshahi matter nahi karat ”aasha karto ki tumche anubhav sampnar nahit

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    • Parce que les syndicates de gauche ont menti pendant des annees, il faut bien laisser les syndicats de droite mentir un peu, c’est leur tour, ils ont attendu ce moment depuis des annees! C’est pas juste que ce soient toujours les memes qui racontent des craques, flute alors!

    • Härligt =) Vildhavre, det lät vackert tycker jag. Du beskriver det sÃ¥ levande <3 Mycket fint det finns där du jobbar. En fröjd för ögonen. Ha en mysig lördag nu, här ska förberedas middag till kvällen. Kram kram <3

    • So sad to hear about new lumps…Keep my fingers crossed…sweet sweet Morran…Not the right time for telling that I have an award for you on my site Camilla…but…

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      Scrumptious biscotti – delicious flavor combination and the cranberries and pistachio also add a beautiful pop of holiday color! I think I'll be making these soon, Angie 🙂

    • Oh, enjoy ME2! I finished it maybe a month ago and continually find myself noting that its the current standard bearer for immersion and can’t-put-down-ability. The weekend I’m re-playing some TES: Oblivion and still plugging away at New Vegas.For folks looking for multiplayer shared screen co-op I’d recently recommend Hoard & Pixeljunk Monsters! Been playing both with my fella the last two weeks or so and they’re pretty great in 45 min increments.

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      Thanks for dropping over, Sharon. It is indeed a splendid region.I’ll never forget that chateau on Cap d’Antibes where some of that old man’s treasures reside. Such a location!And Kate. In case you’re scratching your head I meant to say ‘you’d be seeing so much MORE’.

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    • Hmm. Sounds like an interesting excuse to visit Boston for the first time. I like that it is attempting to be structure to not need vacation time (which I’m already dangerously low on), but that still leaves questions of finances for travel, lodging and conference pass…

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    • My trusty steed given that 1992 is a ’53 Studebaker 1/2 ton choose up. About 10 many years of, “bone stock” underpowered, dim lighted, rattly, loose steering, and tempramental brakes. Now with some upgrades: doubled the strength on the Flathead 6 engine, completley re-freshed drum brakes and steering components, and a bit of sound deadining material its substantially easier to dealwith in its duties hauling my racebike and I all above the western US.

    • Nicely put. I am very grateful we have sites such as these to share our outrage, frustration, and, eventually, hopes for a better and more sane future.

    • Ich denke mir auch, dass Mozart erfolgreicher war, da seine Musik noch heute großen Anklang findet. Dies wird auch sicherlich in mehreren hundert Jahren noch der Fall sein. Bei allem Respekt vor Jackos Musik (ich fand ihn wirklich super) glaube ich nicht, dass dies seiner Musik beschert sein wird.Misst Du den Erfolg jedoch leidiglich am Platten- bzw. CD-Umsatz, dann hat Jacko sicher die Nase vorn.

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      Wow guys, love the discussion. I was just throwing it out there – obviously there is the counter-argument that increased use of energy could offset the savings…or even be worse.As far as iTunes, I personally love it. I dld my albums in a few seconds, and if I want to I can print out the artwork and burn a CD. And you get around DRM if you rip the CD, so if the format changes years from now I’m fine…but that’s just me. Plus I love all of the original video on iTunes, particularly old sporting events I couldn’t get anywhere else.

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    • PM] on the same day and in the same hospital. Explain that idiots. LoL. Wadelich and the Nordyke twin birth certificates should have had very close file numbers, and NOT have been separated by 282 births. OBots are idiots. What is definitely "irrefutable" is that Obama's BS Hawaiian Birf certificate is a BIG FAT forgery.

    • Einfach wunderbar :))) Danke für den äußerst unterhaltsamen Artikel der einen interessanten Einblick in das heutige Teenager-Dasein gewährt. Klingt nach einer wunderbaren Familie bei Euch!! 🙂

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    • Hi Meredith, It's funny that, prior to this trip, I didn't know anyone who transited the Canal. But I hear that most who do it are aboard a massive cruise ship where they really can't see much of the operations. Thanks for forwarding my post to your relatives. Hope they enjoy the Canal as much as I did.

    • Raising 5 kids on my own, Five kids on a shoestring: I washed and dried the thrift-shop clothes, folded them and put them in their drawers, they wore them and never questioned where the stiff came from. Didn’t make an issue of what we should have or could have. The all grew up fine.

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      Gwen / Nobody sings this and the Stars Spangled Banner like our David does. Out of this world.Can’t wait to hear him. Good luck David.

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      BTW, I cannot comment on the content of The Big Bang Theory because I have only seen the pilot episode and I was not impressed, but I don’t really like sitcoms of any sort.

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      Já fui enganado no Mercado Livre. Paguei (por correio) e não recebi o livro!O mais seguro mesmo é mandar o dinheiro através do Banco do Brasil. Até nem é caro e aí não há espinhas! O cara do lado de lá não pode dizer que não recebeu o dinheiro!!!LT

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      100% correct. SUCH an important lesson to learn. I want to make a joke now combining humble pie and flavors and how he could use some more of it. My pre-coffee brain won’t let it form. IT WON’T!!!!!!

    • Scusa Paolo ma il grassetto andava usato semmai sulla seconda frase, visto che è quella che esprime il pensiero di Angela, diversamente dalla prima, in cui riporta voci di „alcuni”.Il tuo post è chiaramente volto ad evidenzare una pretesa bufala di Angela ed a me continua a sembrare che ciò non sia esatto.Ora vado a vedermi Complotti Lunari, in ogni caso resto della mia opinione sulla modalità di esposizione della notizia.DWBH

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      No cabe duda que vas a llegar lleno de imágenes, tan representativas, esta foto esta muy padre, me debes explicar muchas cosas que no conozco de esa cultura, así que espero haya varias horas de platica en algun momento de los próximos días. Besos pollito

    • N’oubliez pas que Nadal n’a que 21 ans. Il a déjà gagné autant de Master Series que Sampras au long de toute sa carrière! À 21 ans, Federer n’avait pas encore gagné 1/10 des titres de Rafa.

    • Yes Joe, corporate socialism. Go read about it and come back when you learn. Besides, Perot in the 1990s and Nader of this decade warned us voters about the fallacies of falling into the „choose between the lesser evils” bullshit and lo behold, they were right. FYI, neither Bushes were anything close to conservative unlike Nixon and Reagan who I used to proudly vote for twice in their times. After getting fed up with both parties, I voted twice for Perot and thrice for Nader and I’m damn proud of it.

    • Es desconcertante el hecho de saber que han pasado tantos años después de lo sucedido, más allá de sentirme impotente, me siento humillada. Tanto para el pueblo mexicano como para los estudiantes es denigrante la subestimación hacia nuestras demandas, anterior y actualmente. Fijémonos un objetivo: Seguir luchando. Para siempre.

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    • Vocês sãos uns merdas de uns energúmenos e sempre serão. Lutam sempre!?!?!? Só vos vi a levar porrada e depois quietinhos dentro dos autocarros. Caladinhos que nem uns ratos! Que é o que vocês são, cambada. É uma vergonha um país ter estes montes de merda a ocupar uma parte do seu território! Já lhes chamam espanhóis! Deviam era ser deportados como os ciganos em Espanha!!!!

    • Complimenti ad Antonello per il pezzo!!!io so soltanto che sono 6 week end di fila che mi intossico!!!!Parma-cagliari-catania-rinvio contro la juve(con le altre che vincono tutte)-pausa nazionali-lazio!!!!Domenica favorevole per l’ottima juve di conte cattiva e cinica visto che segna i goal!!!!noi stiamo qui a cercare cause di tante cose che non vanno mentre gli altri giocano e vincono!!!che campionato di cacca!!!!

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      I used my computer/ internet almost everyday now! Gosh I remember a time when I had no idea what this was! 2. I blow a fuse and then I calm down and then I get lots of other things done and I learn to appreciate the computer/internet more also that it's good to have a break from it. 🙂 Aloha!

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    • canarchaudry / Just want to congratulate David for the well deserved award 6X Platinum Sales..WOW! and thanks also to the editor and admin for putting up all the photos and updates of the Asian Tour. it’s been a blast watching them specially the behind the scene lol!!…love it:)))

    • hola estoy preparando mi tesis de licenciatura en nutrición a cerca de los conocimientos sobre alimentos funcionales y su consumo, realmente creo que cuanto mas sabemos del tema mas elegimos alimentos naturales muy bueno el articulo

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    • Yes, it’s interesting to resurface in somebody’s life using internet-fuelled aqualungs. Exhilarating, though you often find yourself bobbing up and down beside people you barely knew earlier. Sometimes I wonder about those friends of mine whom I was closer to in the past, but haven’t managed to find in the present. Ah, the net has changed my world more than I can control.

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    • I’ll gear this review to 2 types of people: current Zune owners who are considering an upgrade, and people trying to decide between a Zune and an iPod. (There are other players worth considering out there, like the Sony Walkman X, but I hope this gives you enough info to make an informed decision of the Zune vs players other than the iPod line as well.)

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      I followed novice strength and my own lower body strength workouts for about 4 to 5 months. I managed to get my lower body strength pretty high (Squat 255lbs 6 reps with proper form), then just recently i started doing some of the novice plyo rotuines for only about 2 weeks. I was able to go from barely touching rim to this dunk being pretty easy. I think the plyos are really helping, now I have about a 34 inch running vert. I’m 6’2 175lbs and 16 years old. Thanks and good luck bro.

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      I must say i visited today and i was impressed with the attention to detail, but unhappy that i arrived looking forward to the gallery,and then found out that the owners or whatever were in administration so the gallery couldnt open. So i travelled from Dorridge to West Bromwich to have a cup of coffee and a muffin in a £50 million black boz with pink jelly beans in a town centre that appeared rather run down. I must say i also like the sink (fountain) in the toilets. very cool! although at first i thought it was where you go to the toilet. oh dear!

    • e muon den trung tam o HQV de lam bai kiem tra thi trc khi den co phai goi dien khong ak? va buoi sang thi lam viec vao gio nao ak?

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    • „cultural futures” – sounds like something you trade, like wheat futures…and make money off of…I’ll ask my friend about comedy of manners / futuristic next time I talk to her.Wanda B.

    • I wish I could say I wasn’t scared, like Rachel. But I am. I feel sick and nervous. I don’t want to think about it and yet I can’t stop thinking about it–checking websites–reading commentary. I know it has to get “quite bad” but I don’t want it to get quite bad, yet. Not yet! Sigh.

    • son copain de Halle pour Djoko, oupsss, enfin toujours est-il que Murray vient de comprendre qu’on n’est pas en Masters 1000 là, un peu trop tôt..c’est.. presque dommage

    • There are no solid snakes in Ireland Fran, St. Patrick kicked their asses. Yeah, I like when you go all cartoony in your sketches, I wish you’d get some of that goodness onto your pages.

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    • wow its amazing to see those fishes swam under the water. We could see crystal clean waters in dry river beds more than rolling ones. The first two pictures are greeting lakshmi 🙂

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      I wonder if "The Eliminationists– How Hate Talk Radio Radicalized The American Right" mentioned the name Hal Turner, and if so, whether they mentioned the fact that the FBI spent the better part of a decade & over $100K funding his hate & 9/11 BS. (This even included a junket to Brazil for the bigot, again at taxpayer expense.)

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      I had never heard of Massaman curry until recently though I have never eaten it. I thought the name was very interesting 🙂 I would love to try your recipes! thanks for sharing, Mary!

    • Hi Angie,your bowl of soup sure look delicious. Sound like a great combination using coconut milk. Nice presentation.Have a nice week ahead.

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    • According to the article, he isn’t trying to twist Barbara Streisand’s arm. He’s just saying that media matters is behaving in a new way that its donors may not be aware of. If she is a strong supporter of Israel and gave money to Media Matters believing that they are strong supporters of Israel, and they aren’t, then she would probably want to be told that information.

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    • Consider how this applies to Admiral Poindexter’s brilliant baby, the terrorism prediction market. Who has asymmetric information about future terrorist attacks? Um…So terrorism prediction markets are bad because the terrorists will tell us about their attacks ahead of time through the market, and make a little money doing it?Um…sounds like a good deal to me.

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    • this is why they all belong in jail. cowards traitors communists and general scum bags. the time has come to remove all these losers none of them are willing to defend the constitution. are we the people willing to do what our elected morons wont? lets kick some ass and send them all to hell.

    • Chuck,I love this post of yours, the reminder to be thankful & check our attitude BEFORE we get into the craziness is invaluable. I hope to practice what you’re preaching this season & make opportunities to relax and plan out the season in such a way that I can have time to be thankful & enjoy the time. Thanks for such a lovely post, can’t wait to read more!

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    • I hear you and I love this post!I would rather have grief over never knowing the person I loved so much. I agree with you never saying goodbye, because like you I breathe, live, love my dad and that never stops, it also continues in our children. My son is so much like him, it sometimes scares me, but at the same gives me great comfort.Today is hard for you, so many emotions, you have great strength Aidan and for that I admire you, sending love and light to you on this day.

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    • SuzeIt was a wonderful evening and your writing has captured that warmth and spirit. Bob and Cat have a special thing going on in Ottawa to be sure. I will be spreading the word to my favorite traveling artists … I will get back myself as soon as they will have me!Dave

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    • Which ever way you guys look at it the beauty of democracy is freedom of speech and we have it in Nigeria. Read how people freely abuse their president without been harass or arrested. Whom the cap fit let him/her wear to govern Nigeria

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    • Abby:I saw your blog about “Busi” (Soo-shee). I love that name. So special. And I’m talking a serious blog overhaul here. And if that freezer guy does not show-up today, I think my son will gladly accept payment in frozen pretzels. I might too.

    • I always wonder what happened to this woman (the „Migrant Mother”). The story (apocryphal?) I’ve heard about the Pulitzer Prize-winning pic—where she’s really got the „Oh Shit: Now What?” expression—is that she’s just sold the tires off her car, to buy food. 🙁

    • « lauré » Terme de numismatique. Garni, orné de laurier. Tête laurée.Un joueur de cithare assis et lauré, Journ. offic. 3 février 1875, p. 971, 1re col. »comme c’est beau ! lauré,L’aura l’aura pas !

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    • dia org ni kalau ada anak mesti comel giler.tengok masa lisa kecik comel kan main.yusry kena usaha lebih sikitlah cepat2 timang anak.

    • “Forgive the pedantry, but in fact, it was Fr Faber, not Newman.”My fault; I couldn’t remember who said it and was ready t0 give credit to Klaus Gamber before mis-Googling it. I thank you for correcting me on this point.

    • Dejligt at høre man ikke er den eneste :)TAK – Gemalen og jeg fik dog lavet julekonfekt i gÃ¥r…det var rart at kunne krydse det punkt af

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      By the Way I am that friend that introduced these to crazy kids… and I think that they are perfect for each other. hopefully Jake can handle Aubrey the little spitfire for the REST OF HIS LIFE!!!! Joking Aubrey I love you and wish the two of you nothing but the best!!

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      My family started sponsoring a child through Compassion yesterday because of you. We already sponsor a child through another charity, but hearing from you and seeing the pictures made it easy to decide to sponsor. Thanks!

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      pamela kis this the same tom otterness who adopted a dog and chained it to a fence and shot it DEAD! oh i think it is!! he never did ONE day in jail for his cruel an horrific crime!i think the money he makes doing this should go to the shelter where he got his dog from …in the dogs name!

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      Tamara: This is just what i was talking about in my earlier post. The enemy is always trying to draw us back in. He better get to stepping with this group else he’s going to get a holy spanking! Amen?Glad you sent that nonsense packing 🙂 Good job! Praising Jesus with you!

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    • Jessica, It’s a great read and pretty short too. If you want your students to read it, just tell them they burn a guy alive. Works every time.Heather, Ahhh, you noticed the sleeper word. I was hoping to squeeze ‘salacious’ in there too, but I wasn’t writing about the Floey scandal.

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    • Tim,If I undestand you correctly here, you are saying it would be out of line for any denominational employee to ever seek to exercise influence toward any change in the BF&M. It would be very interesting to see where that would lead, if that line of thinking were followed out consistently, don’t you think?

    • Jeg synes ogsÃ¥ mønstret pÃ¥ din halvvante ser fint ud. HÃ¥ber du gÃ¥r videre med det:O)Charlotte, har du set mine mails vedr manglende garn til MAYA? Jeg mangler blÃ¥/grønne farver – igen desværre.Inge

    • Ay excuse to socialize and drink some apero is fine with me I’m also curious – there is no commerce but private homes in your village? How far to the nearest grocery store? Doctors? Hospital?

    • Another sad step along the way to the West's self-dhimmitude. As we celebrate another feast day of St James the Greater, also known in Spain as Santiago Matamoros, St James the Moor-slayer, I've seen pictures of the statues of St James around Spain that hide the dismembered heads of the Moors slain in combat under a blanket of flowers, lest the original statue base offend the usual suspects.

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    • I’d be inclined to comply with you on this. Which is not something I typically do! I really like reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to speak my mind!

    • love your thoughs about about the collaboration. I have had mixed feeling about these collabs for years and it was the first time I camped out. The one thing that makes me furious are those blogger talking about how they 'love the collection' but have absolutely nog clue what they're talking about. (Talking about 'her' collection"?) Also reading the fact that some people just buy a lot just so they can sell the pieces online afterwards..

    • Hi. I’m a bit late in getting round the other Pause blogs, and so much on yours reminds me of what I am feeling and questioning in myself at the moment. Thank you for sharing and for your honesty.And yes, I was singing that hymn as well – I always loved it.Oh, and thank you so much, your parcel arrived on Monday and I’ve just blogged it.

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    • As a Bosnian Serb I rub my hands with glee. I can’t for Amsterdam, Paris and London to become part of some Moghul empire. The west rammed Mohammedanism down our throats and now its your turn….

    • Skulle bare mangle at ikke du ble med i denne boken, jeg har kost meg med boken og alle de fine bidragene som var med.

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    • im looking for a website that will give me total free access to a marriage license without having to pay for the full information. Is there a site available that does not require a credit card?

    • Christian Bobin : « Une vie entière ne suffit pas pour lire le courrier d’un seul jour. »Et ne me suffit pas à moi pour épouyser, en les embrassant, tous ses facteurs…(Pour écouter , voir en colonne de droite)

    • I’ve wanted a car like this my entire life. I normally go for sports cars, but if you offered me this or a veyron. i’d send the veyron packing. id rather have something that looks so good youd be proud to drive it slow. Instead of? something you have to drive so fast just so nobody notices how ugly it is. this is a true masterpiece

    • Altitude engine….only altitude engine that would come close would be a P51 Mustang with a two stage supercharger. It still doesn’t apply to helicopters. I have been taught CAMAFOOTS forever as well and I believe if I reading and researching correctly, it’s incorrect.

    • I have not checked in here for a while since I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are great quality so I guess I will add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend

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      Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and exposure! Keep up the fantastic works guys I’ve included you guys to my personal blogroll.

    • Yes, please! Re Moony; I love the steam which comes from his bed / refrigerator chamber. And I DIED laughing when he took Beth in for a shower. I would have a.smashed him.

    • Brzmi fantastycznie!Nigdy nie miaÅ‚am przyjemnoÅ›ci skosztować takiego syropu, przyznam że nawet nie miaÅ‚am pojÄ™cia że siÄ™ coÅ› takiego robi :)SÅ‚yszaÅ‚am za to wczoraj, że pyszna jest nalewka z mÅ‚odych pÄ™dów sosny 🙂 – taka 'mocniejsza' wersja Twojego syropku :)pozdrawiam ciepÅ‚o!

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    • JeÅ›li wioski bÄ™dÄ… rzadkie i daleko od respawnu to jestem za.A ten gigantyczny grzyb to nawet bym nie pomyÅ›laÅ‚em że to grzyb.ZobaczÄ™ efekt koÅ„cowy to ocenie.

    • Hey viga1989, ich muss ehrlich zugeben, dass ich keinen Allergietest vor der Anwendung gemacht habe. Da deine Haut ja sehr empfindlich ist, ist es sicherlich ratsam es vorher zu testen. Ich würde mich sehr über dein Feedback freuen, wenn du es ausprobiert hast Viele liebe Grüße

    • L’indignation est le moteur de la mobilisation citoyenne, dont nous avons besoin. Martin, pourquoi ne pas lancer une nouvelle campagne de cahiers de doléances ? Peut-être après la trêve des confiseurs, qui te permettra de renouer avec le classique noël comtois…

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      #Nadie..es cierto, yo llevo intentanto con thunderbird y evolution y nada.#Article.MS no permitia el acceso via POP porque queria tener las visitas a su web y dar la impreion de ser de mayor ranking.

    • Wow! It’s like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, just like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some images to drive the content home a bit, besides that, this is wonderful blog. A wonderful read. I will definitely be back.VA:F [1.6.5_908]please wait…VA:F [1.6.5_908](from 0 votes)

    • No i przez Hyath, AmberGold i dominusarx ludzie zniechÄ™cÄ… siÄ™ do zÅ‚ota. CaÅ‚e szczęście, że nie od naszego maÅ‚ego rynku zależy cena kruszcu. Łatwiej bÄ™dzie kupić w PL gdy popyt bÄ™dzie przytÅ‚umiony przez takie akcje.

    • offset-ul este si el important, ce ai spune de exemplu daca prin offset obtii constructia de CV 90 sau Patria AMV in Romania? Castigi 2 puncte de-o data, ai si multirol nou si posibilitatea ca sa cheltuiesti in tara banii pentru achizitia de blindate si tancuri usore.Ce spui ne surade ideea?Nu spun ca offset-ul este totul fiindca daca nemtii ne-ar vinde cu offset Me 109 G sau englezii Spitfire MK 12 ar fi tot degeaba desi sunt modele combat prove.

    • Kranti do not be naive. what Keerti is proposing is this:” ok guys we won. so why don´t we all go and celebrate to your place that fact that you lost and we forgive you for throwing us out….no hard feelings, Ok?The people of the resort feel that they have lost a very important tool to keep and preserve the purity of osho´s work. they are not happy about it. they actually think that what happened is a calamity for the work of their master.i do not see them in a cheerful meeting mood.

    • Ok, so I’m crushing on your hub just a bit right now. And your daughter is delicious. Come to think of it, don’t be surprised if I get all single white female on you, show up at your door, and start to assume your identity. Just as long as there’s still some of that cheesecake left.

    • Barbara you do indeed rock. I’d never thought of making my own knickers until Stephanie’s panties last week, and making them our of recycled t-shirts with logos or patterns is a superb idea….loved it so much I went to local Goodwill this morning and bought some red,white & blue t-shirts. Thank you so much for the links and advice.

    • auto owners insurance Hamden CT 8 mai 2018 at 23:25 - Reply

      Hei. Så spennende! Jeg ble så skuffet da jeg hentet posten idag og så at ikke bladet var kommet. Det kommer vel i morgen da, postforsinkelser her i Nord. Har abbonert på bladet siden det kom ut, synes det er så mye flott!! Håper det er greit at jeg legger deg til siden min. Nydelig blogg du har. Lena

    • Actually, I fully expect at _least_ one more significant-update sometime prior to January 09th. Namely, adding ‘Mysterious-Tower’ & ‘Olympus-Coliseum’ to the Worlds-section. Why they didn’t just add those two this time, though… *shrugs*BTW, how was Episode-07, Olivia? XDXD

    • I would love to be chosen to win the IPad 2 because I really want to surprise my husband with one. He has been dying to get one, but we can’t afford it with being students and having a kid you know. To make it quick I would love to surprise him with the ipad. thank you!!!!!

    • Din pacate Calendarul din Outlook.com nu este finalizat. Este singura aplicatie ce nu a fost actualizata la noul look inspirat de Windows 8 si Windows Phone. Arata foarte invechit si nu este chiar o placere sa-l folosesti. Exista o data oficiala pentru cand va fi actualizat?

    • Leih mir doch bitte mal deine Muse aus. Hach, dein Kärtchen ist wieder mal super. Ich liebe deine Werkeleien.GLGClaudia

    • {Kathy} If we lived in Europe, 8PM would not be that late! Soccer practices do seem to be the issue with a lot of families. They usually don’t start until everyone gets off from work and so that puts them at 6:00. After a 1.5 hour practice, most people are just getting home at 7:30. That’s just crazy. However, I TRY to have everything done that can be done ahead of time, table set and so forth before I leave for practice. I have been known to set the table for dinner while I am clearing breakfast dishes—just so I don’t have to do it later.

    • And it made me a little sad that I made you sad on reading that. I've absolutely no intention of throwing in the towel. Nothing's changed except the frequency of my backups. Thanks for being so nice.

    • Señor, pues literalmente en la entrada de la casa, el día sábado unos vecinos tuvieron un problema con uno de ustedes que estaba en la entrada del garaje y todavía se puso malcriado porque el dueño no podia entrar a su casa,¿¿¿¿como es posible?????? de su casa.Ahora EXISTEN MUCHOS TRABAJOS QUE NO SON NECESARIAMENTE VESTIRSE DE MUJER PARA DARLE DE COMER A UN HIJO, HABEMOS MUCHOS QUE TRABAJAMOS EN OTRAS ACTIVIDADES PERO NO EN LLEVARLA SUAVE. LASTIMOSAMENTE NO PODEMOS DESCANSAR POR EL ESCANDALO QUE HACEN USTEDES DURANTE TODA LA MADRUGADA.

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      Yo mismo agrego la primera opinión, la cual espero que no sea la última.En lo personal creo que los mismos que ordenan la migración son los 1eros que deben dar el ejemplo sustituyendo Windows por una distribución libre, es como dice el dicho “haz lo que yo digo pero no lo que yo hago”.

    • It is good that you have a wait and see the outcome of any investigation concerning this devastation of a people. Just when you do be cognizant that it was in international waters, no Isreali military is dead and the American media is willing to ignore the obvious.I remember the same news media justifying Jim Crow, don't let them hoodwink anyone again.

    • I'll 2nd that request to know what watch you wear and I wanted to say I'm glad you're back to posting more frequently, I enjoy reading what you write, though you make me wish I hadn't wasted the time I lived in Boulder such as I did. Best of luck to you with your training.

    • „forum that will allow them to interact with their peers”Translation: Forum that will allow them to find out where the kegger will be Saturday night, who’s got the pot for sale and which girls are easyInteracting with peers is exactly what’s wrong with high school. Bring back apprenticeships so a teenager spends most of his day in the company of an adult who can teach him something useful.

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      / Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

    • Exceptional page and even quick to help you comprehend justification. Exactly how can As i continue acquiring concur to help you place part belonging to the guide inside new newssheet? Getting right credit standing you that journalist and even backlink with the internet site won’t even be a concern.

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    • W dystrybucjach Debianowych apt-get jest genialny. Wpisuje sobie apt-get install nazwa i leci. Jeśli jestem już bardziej wtajemniczony to używam apt-cache search nazwa i sprawdzam co mogę sobie pobrać. Jeżeli nie mam tego w repo. to szukam adresu, dodaje, apt-get update i szukam dalej :D. Nie musze pobierać aż 6 czy 11 CD. A nawet jak je mam to nie muszę wkładać i wyciągać CD.

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      guys i use ti work … guys i use ti work for this stupid institutions… i work for the bank now… if you wanna know how to get out of this stupid cycle pm me.. i will help. pls note that im from canada. 0Was this answer helpful?

    • Majority of relationships begin with lots of excitement. You are learning about a new person, physical attraction is different, and if it is taken a little slow, the anticipation makes the enjoyment greater.

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    • Heya just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same results.

    • car insurance in Brentwood NY 10 mai 2018 at 23:39 - Reply

      Thé: toujours ravie de te voir par ici. Bon retour au travail, avec thés cela aide…J'étais moi aussi en pensée avec vous chez Neo-Thé…@ Celina: thanks for so kind post, dear [email protected] Vanessa: je suis certaine que tu trouveras des petits Bouddhas similaires dans le quartier chinois. Quant au bol tibétain (puisque tel est son nom, merci Leaf), je m'en sers pour débuter mes séances de méditation qui ne sont pas encore évidentes pour moi, mais je m'accroche…

    • Mouais, entre lire des messages, en écrire, et le live stream qui plante , je n’ai rien vu du dernier set, à part un magnifique passing de fed en bout de course sur la ligne. Faut dire que c’est vite passé!

    • baufinanzierung vergleich 11 mai 2018 at 03:28 - Reply

      erinyes,Thank you. In the ’70s, I lived in Oxnard and had a friend that was a foreman on Union Oil’s ‘B’ platform. And I currently have a friend who is an electrician on some kind of oil transfer operation off the west coast of Africa.Your lengthy comment, plus my friends experiences plus whatever else I’ve learned has filled a good part of the picture. For example, I did not realize crude sank. Will it also do that in 5000′ of water?

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      Changing the way you look is empowering. It could be getting facial piercings, or buying a really really sharp suit; if you’ve never changed the way you look before, the first time could be fundamentally life changing. So, although I didn’t watch the show, as reality TV goes I can imagine it was an interesting and dare I say it *heartwarming* watch. It sounds like it. Good for them. On the subject of reality TV I myself am looking forward to “Dog Borstal”, just now advertised on the BBC.

    •   February 23, 2010Bloody hell, I thought my pictures were nice but apparently I got there a couple of days too late Your first pic is amazing!

    • auto insurance quotes New Haven CT 11 mai 2018 at 09:43 - Reply

      There is one thing wrong in the video. In 1:10 you say that when he became a father he was hoping to leave the music industry but he was a father before even entering the music industry

    • cheap car insurance Boerne TX 11 mai 2018 at 10:39 - Reply

      They should be able to stop in Hawaii instead, and then in VCV if needed. It’s just more expensive. But it’s doable. It’s shorter than going the other way around the globe. NGO-HNL should be well within the eastbound range of the aircraft, and HNL has a 12,000 ft runway.

    • What a fascinating post, Petra. I’m so glad I tried again to make it over to your blog. I just couldn’t get it to work yesterday. I’ve learned so much more about sauerkraut’s influence in Germany. I’m going to save this post for future reference. Thank you so much for sharing…

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      Greetings! Quick question that’s completely off topic. Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? My web site looks weird when browsing from my iphone. I’m trying to find a theme or plugin that might be able to fix this issue. If you have any suggestions, please share. Thanks!

    • Hi Cathleen, I won’t have an online store until early next year. What kind of stones are you looking for? And what style of necklace do you have? I will be in Eureka, California the first weekend in December at Redwood acres. Here in Ashland a lot throughout the Holiday Season. Check in here … soon I will have my Holiday Schedule up.

    • I use a brush – I like the everyday minerals flat top kabuki brush best but the mac 168 is good too. @Sami it lasts all day, doesn't dissapear at all!!

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    • I was searching about your topic, “Blog #8 | Palmer Industries Blog” at one of the similar web sites I retain in my reader. You’re pretty much in complete agreement with each other. It isn’t what I believed, but I’m figuring out now that I am almost certainly absolutely wrong… amazing..

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      Bob, I spit my morning coffee out at midwinter’s query for a different reason. Sullivan a conservative? (I presume he means Andrew Sullivan). Sullivan may be many things (unhinged comes to mind), but a conservative? Psshhht.Sarah Palin is no William Buckley (there is no one I know of who comes close to filling his shoes), but I wouldn’t underestimate her. Those who have, over the years, have come to regret it from what I know of her history.I will strongly agree with Doug on one point, though. Chris Christie is priceless!

    • Joe came up with the canard that Jesus didn’t say anything about homosexuality. But, yes he did, Joe! He spoke of what marriage is and he pointed to creation. Since Jesus is God, then he spoke in the O.T. about homosexual behavior being an abomination. Paul in the N.T. stated he got his teachings directly from Christ and you will certainly see Paul condemn homosexual behavior.All the while you demand “tolerance,” you give no tolerance to those with a different view. Homosexuals and their supporters have absolutely no tolerance for those who don’t want to give approval to their behavior.

    • cheap auto insurance Round Rock TX 11 mai 2018 at 21:38 - Reply

      It appears to me that this site doesnt download in a Motorola Droid. Are other folks having the same problem? I like this blog and dont want to have to skip it any time Im gone from my computer.

    • Hi Pak Satria,It’s sad to know, as you wrote, that our English doesn’t show any good progress at all. I admit that your argument bout the lack of supporting media in our country also leads to the lack of our english skills. Well, If I may say. The govt should do something. We should do something bout it too. Let’s start from ourselves . Start from the smallest thing. And start it now. don’t you think so, Sir?

    • Siti Aini Salihin klu bru x mengapa, tp klu dh berumah tangga….akn jd satu masalah besar jika x kena cara….bersedia ngan segala kemungkinan….klu penyelesaiannye adil bagus la, tp klu x….then ank2 jd mangsa….hurmmm.

    • hey there! yes, I would like to make a link exchange with you^^ I’ll add your site on my list after I write this comment.So, how are you? I was on your site for two times or so, but because I’m such a fly person, I haven’t see the chat section XD

    • Herbert BrowneSalient feature of “double-edged swords” = everybody bleeds… ^..^Metaphorically, yes. Literally a double-edge sword allows you to slash at your opponent on the back swing without having to recover for another strike.

    • I'm not vegetarian any more but the song that made me go vegetarian (to some extent) was Outspoken's survival. But that was just out as I was getting into HC, so had more of an immediate impact on me I guess.

    • Your hat is totally Hurricane Roof Style circa 2005. We were hit so many times that season that there weren’t enough materials and/or roofers to go around, so blue tarps were EVERYWHERE…And yay for no roof replacement!Kelly

    • cheap car insurance Irving TX 12 mai 2018 at 01:43 - Reply

      Love them i've ordered 3 different colours! amongst other things, lol…well its rude not to isnt it? thanks for the heads up Bev, ive been waiting patiently for these

    • Auch von mir: Guten Appetit.Hoffentlich dauert die Blockade nicht zu lange, sonst brauchen wir auch ne Luftbrücke (etwa nen andren Webcomic? O_O ).

    • Exile is right. Klan costume is a’man burkha’ but it is symbolic inits way of Islamomaniac attire.19th century Klan attire was meantto hide the identity of those thatengaged in lynchings and other actsof terrorism. So we might ask ourcritic why does he not see the linkbetween the 19th century Klansmanhiding his crimes behind a mask andthe 21st century Muslim nightriderdoing the same with his ski mask?

    • That’s actually a decent solution, and the writers would have done well to consider that option.Unfortunately, in this case the “friend” was Oliver, and he first learned about the case 48 hours before the scheduled execution.

    • cheapest auto insurance Wasilla AK 12 mai 2018 at 04:48 - Reply

      It’s a shame you don’t have a donate button! I’d most certainly donate to this fantastic blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for book-marking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to fresh updates and will share this website with my Facebook group. Chat soon!

    • Oh Chris! You have plenty to offer your son whether or not he ends up getting into sports. You don’t have to share an interest in sports, as long as you have an interest in HIM. Be there for him, love him, support him, encourage him, listen to him and live a good live for yourself (so he can learn from example), he has everything he needs from you!

    • Aceton är ju en defekt, sÃ¥ det kan mycket väl bara gällt den flaskan. Vi provar den säkert igen senare i sommar. Jordgubbstonerna var verkligen delikata,allt var som sagt bra – utom acetonsticket,vinet som helhet kanske lite mer krävande än läskande…

    • payless auto insurance Albany NY 12 mai 2018 at 09:40 - Reply

      Por supuesto que se hace un poquito más complicado después de que llegan los pequeñitos. Pero es justo en ese momento cuando no nos podemos olvidar de nuestro primer amorcito: la pareja. Mantener un matrimonio feliz te devolverá las alegrías multiplicadas, no sólo a ti sino a tus bebés.

    • auto insurance quotes Casper WY 12 mai 2018 at 10:17 - Reply

      to go see J. Krishnamurti. Of course, he made fun of him and critiqued him as a Master, but he did not deny his enlightenment. The same with Tamo-San.But with P. and U. Krishnamurti and of course many others, as far as I know, he said they were not enlightened, never mind Masters.By the way, I saw J.K., but not P. Certainly I saw in J.K.’s eyes the “thing”. And even in pictures, it’s very clear that Gurdjieff, Meher Baba, Ramana Maharshi had “it”.I’ll read your reply here or in a new thread.

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      Thanks for your posting. Another element is that to be a photographer requires not only difficulty in taking award-winning photographs and also hardships in acquiring the best video camera suited to your requirements and most especially issues in maintaining the grade of your camera. It is very genuine and obvious for those photographers that are in to capturing a nature’s exciting scenes : the mountains, the particular forests, the wild or perhaps the seas. Visiting these amazing places certainly requires a video camera that can meet the wild’s tough areas.

    • skriver:Hur fick du tag pÃ¥ den lägenheten? Letar just nu efter lägenheter i Sthlm dÃ¥ jag har fÃ¥tt jobb där men saknar lägenhet..

    • Why the hell is that Enchanted girl smaller than a Chipmunk. You know they’re kicking themselves for not adding Smurfs at the last minutes. Kick harder.  

    • vivo en neuquen capital y tengo domicilio en chos malal, debo viajar alla a votar?? lo puedo hacer aqui en la ciudad de neuquen??? graciasY respondió el 9 de junio de 2011 a las 12:02:Hector: Vota donde dice el padrón que debe votar. Para el futuro, haga el cambio de domicilio ahora, y cada vez que se muda.

    • Oh yes, I enjoyed that. And I suppose Anthony will be painting the mood of rain soon, hopefully.I worked in a retail art supply store for 15 years so I have an appreciation for artists Like Mr. Holdsworth here. Most are well behaved, like Anthony appears to be here–and others require a certain degree of tolerance. Never a dull moment, of course…Wonderfully documented, Diane. You are indeed an artist too!

    • We were there at the same time as you! We’ve gone for 7 years and love the announcer guy. Each year there are families who use Disney names for their family instead of their real names. It’s hilarious. It is our family tradition now that we are a small family, but we have gathered other orphan families and now it turns into a group of 15+ each year. But the best is our family photo with Santa every year.

    • I have ordered several of your cards over the years but can’t find them anywhere. Do you still sell them? They are the most adorable cards ever and I’d love to purchase more. Please e-mail me. Thanks…Melissa

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    • waan ku faerxsanahay go aanka maxkamada sweden wana arin aan sugayey mudo inaan markale midowno xaaskeyga iyo ilmaheyga waxaan leeyahy waa ilahey mahadii dawlada sweden na way mahadsantahayU codee: 0  0

    • Right now I am so sick of everything google-I've spent the last two hours searching for any information on how to edit my contacts and get them to my phone. Damn, I hate the technocrats that rule the world. Can someone tell me where my contacts are?

    • auto insurance rates Easton PA 13 mai 2018 at 02:17 - Reply

      If a grocery store treated people the way the airlines do, it would be out of business in a weekThese days, I don’t know about that. Somebody somewhere would be calling for a government bailout of the grocery store, reasons for its crash be damned. But I know that’s neither here nor there. 😉

    • Zählt der Computer die Stimmen wirklich aus, oder sortiert er sie nur in die 3 Kategorien, sodass sie anschließend effizienter per Hand ausgezählt werden können?

    • I have been seeing a lot about meditation and can definitely see the value of adding some to my daily routine. I think that may soon make it to my action plan! Living with intention sounds so easy doesn’t it? But then life and its distractions enter the picture and it’s easy to get off track. Thank you for stopping by and commenting Portia! So glad you activated your subscription.

    • Your excellent pics show how beautiful the area is. I want to be reborn in The Preserve and run free with Clint Eastwood who might be a squirrel by then, LOL. Take my hat off to the Americans on their preservation of nature and history.Lucky for a fab hubs who loves driving, have driven across the whole country on all sides of the country and some scenic drives and yet still have lots of uncovered territory. Hope you'll make another trip so we can enjoy the memories.

    • I love snafflesmummy’s boredom jar idea! I think you summed up nicely what goes through every mother’s head at the end of the summer holidays! Def time to go back to school….

    • car insurance Hawthorne CA 13 mai 2018 at 07:12 - Reply

      Très bien, DominiqueLes journalistes et animateurs tv emploient des mots anglais pour faire jeunes loups rentables et dynamiques , très « mode » , se prenant pour des mecs et nanas de wall street ou de la cityc’est à chier

    • car insurance in Cabot AR 13 mai 2018 at 07:41 - Reply

      it's a mockup, not who produced it.) It looks like a Las Vegas casino-hotel. Also: interesting that the clock uses Roman numerals rather than the "Arabic" ones.M

    • auto insurance quotes Warrenton VA 13 mai 2018 at 10:12 - Reply

      I read this a few days ago and laughed. But then it made me want to read '10 Marketing Techniques That Win Over Potential Readers" I have to say that since I started producing books I look a lot more kindly on people and their marketing efforts, even if misguided.

    • http://finanzierungsrechnerde.pw/ 13 mai 2018 at 11:50 - Reply

      Lisa my friend:You are so right! And so was the lady who shared with you that the Jesus she saw in the Bible was missing in some of the churches she visited. Honestly, it makes me sad, and I know how it must grieve our Saviour. The days are growing short, and it's like another wake up call to hear this. THEY are the lost that He has sent us to love and reach. Boy… I could get right up on a soap box about this one. Thanks sister… a word we NEED to hear!Love you Lisa!

    • Gabriel, o que tu fumou cara? tudo errado, não mudou nada, a única skill que da MS pro Slark é o Ult, e, Ethereal e Butterfly nunca deram MS…. eu hein, cada nego louco que aparece…

    • Buenos Días Dr. Piza:Estoy muy interesada en la aplicación de la Malla, ya que por salud y obviamente estética necesito perder alrededor de 22 kilos, sé que con esto puedo lograr parte de mi meta, pero quiero saber cómo me ayudarían luego del mes y 1/2 para continuar con ese proceso de reducción y evitar el efecto rebote.Me gustaría sacar una cita y ver si puedo aplicar a la promoción de este mes de nov.Muchsa gracias!

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      Ha! I was just talking to someone who was expressing something similar over her “As seen on tv” tupperware set- she loves it! I say, whatever works, and wherever you find your treasures is great!

    • I too found Minke’s first marriage a bit icky, but it makes more sense in light of his later, much tougher, partners. The character has to develop, from coddled aristocrat to something historically quite new, at least in the context of colonial Java. That includes escaping the machismo of his own culture, which has to happen through experience, not revelation.

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    • Thank you for the tour! It all sounds and looks really beautiful. Except the spiders. Ick.And, no, because it grows easily does NOT mean thistle is a weed. C’mon, Tanita. Common things can be gorgeous. Just because it’s not a diva flower doesn’t relegate it to weed status:>)Good luck with your revisions–you’ll do great. Enjoy the storms and sunshine of life and writing.

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    • Noam,You hit on so many points that I was going to deal with over the next posts, so I will not respond to them here.Your comment is encouraging for me as it would seem that I am not the only one of his former students who is struggling with these ideas, and it is a topic that needs discussing.

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    • O emulador de SNES é uma maravilha. O Yoshi’s Island só fui jogar anos depois, pelo emulador. Aliás, um dos melhores jogos que já joguei.

    • I too am a big fan of the Friday loves series. Keep it up!Those purses are super-cute! I love that you’re already “pairing” things with Big Girl – very fashionista!In terms of finding time – I find the Pomodoro technique perfect. I’ve got enough self-discipline to stick at it resolutely for 25 minutes, safe in the knowledge I can go and make a cup of tea in my spare 5 minutes. I’ve started pseudo-enforcing it at work – you may not ask me a question when the clock is ticking. In the five minutes, as long as you don’t get between me and my tea, ask away.(re the tea obsession – I live in the UK. It’s mandatory)

    • Annette 09.09.2012 10:59 pm I love to win some Friskars Crafting tools. I’m sure I could use a little of everything. Thanks Mark for the Giveaways!!! Love your Video’s and Post!!! have a great craft day. Annette

    • Happy birthday, LAY. What a big day this was for you. And how many big days you’ve had since then. Life certainly does not stop, and from last May to now you’ve had some wonderful blessings come your way. But – I’ll say it again – life doesn’t stop, and I’m so happy to hear that you have your sights set on the next stack of white pages!

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    • Son de esas cosas que salen en una noticia apartada y después se olvidan, me gustaría saber cual fue la fecha de defunción de kulakov…. pero tenemos que decir que muchos científicos del este desaparecían sin más (como muchas personas de esos lares). Un saludo.

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    • Getting women to not care about the ritual has about the same chance of happening as getting a female bird to not care about the male bird bringing her the twigs for her nest–because it's the same thing.

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    • What a great looking cake and what a unique recipe using hard wheat semolina and hazelnut brittle. I bet this would be fantastic with a big cup of coffee :o)

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    • Finalmente una buona notizia!!! Grazie a tutti coloro (insegnanti, imprese, amministrazioni comunale e provinciale,….) che si sono impegnati in questo progetto e congratulazioni per il risultato. Ora si spera che il “tavolo” di consultazione e coordinamento diventi permanente. C’è un gruppo di ottimi insegnanti che rappresentano una sicurazza. Perché questa scuola diventi un motore dello sviluppo locale c’è però bisogno dell’impegno di tutta la comunità locale che la deve considerare come un bene comune da valorizzare. In bocca al lupo!!!

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      960,000kw of power which will serve 100 homes, but we know solar at best can do 25%. So, doesn’t that mean the Ontario government is paying $600,000+ a year for electricity for just 25 homes? That’s $24,000 a house!

    • I’m not sure if I should sign this petition to end discrimanatory pracitces within Sharia courts. Surely, there should be NO Sharia courts in UK. We need to petition to have these banned. One law for all indeed. Let’s have none of this religious nonsense in our legal system.

    • something to me not too long ago that I hadn’t said to him since he was a baby. I can’t remember what it was but I remember thinking, wow, even as a baby he was taking in everything I said and every song I sang. Reading is what we do around here too. Keep it up!!! Cam | Bibs & Baubles recently posted..

    • Your notebook covers are beautiful – I rather like it that the letters from the original notebook are showing, but if you don’t maybe you can paint over them with acrylics? I’m so happy that you write so much! It’s always fun to read you! I look through all my “blogroll” everyday, and even when no one updates, I know I can count on you!:)

    • auto insurance quotes Ventura CA 19 mai 2018 at 21:55 - Reply

      Hey you 🙂 How come your comment makes me so happy? Ok, yes, I have re-opened, thank you for the boost and I mean that. Wasn’t it a strike initially? My store is like SO OPEN! xo to you

    • Boa tarde.Estou querendo montar uma feira com produtos e serviços relacionados a festas infantis. O diferencial é que os fornecedores são em sua maioria donas de casa, mães… Pessoas que estão iniciando agora mas são excelentes no que fazem.A questão é que nunca organizei nada nesse sentido. Por onde começar?Outra coisa, gostaria de saber se é possível fazer uma parceria com o sebrae. Seria um curso rápido para todos esses fornecedores (me incluo no grupo!) antes do evento. É possível?

    • Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but it has pretty much the same layout and design. Excellent choice of colors!

    • ma dobbiamo per forza far intervenire i sindacati?volevamo evitare questioni..come possiamo richiederli?E' stata fatta anche una telefonata dai sindacati al nostro consulente paghe che ha riferito all'azienda dell'accaduto,ma nonostante tutto,niente..anzi si sono pure arrabbiati xchè abbiamo chiesto

    • Hey Fr. John, that dumb white leftist kneeled down in front of a bulldozer, willingly dying in the hope of saving brown people from Jews.I don’t care what the Jews of Israel think, or the brown people they are fighting, or Rachel Corrie, who went there of her own volition and died willingly.The only part of that story that matters to me is the leftist brainwashing that turns young white women into Rachel Corries.

    • Even if you don't like her (and I do) it's hard not to feel sorry for her, the way she has become the Left's political scapegoat for everything that goes wrong. Even some on the Right pillory her from time to time.We in the middle just sit and watch in disbelief.One does wonder, does one not, where all these judeophiles are hiding when the UN, et al, take their latest swipe at Israel? Maybe if she became an assistant prime minister… Naw, probably not.

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    • cheap auto insurance Roanoke VA 20 mai 2018 at 11:20 - Reply

      I have a question, and it's a serious one: What portrayals of blacks on TV do people here find acceptable, entertaining, and enjoyable? Any or all of those would suffice.

    • Yes, Angelina Jolie is a remarkable woman who stands for great issues in life. She is not only beautiful but a very effective communicator of issues. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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